Long-Term Courses / Campus Courses

What should you do – study plan

  1. Certificate of Fashion Styling & Shooting
  2. Certificate of Fashion Design and Illustration
  3. Foundation Certificate of Fashion Design and Marketing
  4. Professional Styling and Image consultant

Responsibilities of a Tutor

The Director of Education is responsible for implementing the strategic direction of the courses as well as the coordination of academic teams and administration, which is required for the school’s successful day-to-day operation.
The Tutors’ responsibilities include: 1. all matters pertaining to the proper day-to-day operation of the program involving leading and supporting students; 2. advice to the Director of Education on appropriate delivery for the program’s ongoing development; 3. recommendations in areas for curriculum development; and 4. the Student Support Officer to ensure appropriate study support is available.5. recommendation of the appropriate level of resource needed for the Unit; 6. maintenance of educational standards quality.



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