How to Work as a Stylist for a Photoshoot

Make an editorial photoshoot brief.

An editorial shoot’s purpose is to present stories and ideas in a visually appealing manner. Editorial fashion photographs are frequently published alongside text or an overall topic in magazines or online media to educate or inspire readers. What story do you want to tell with your final fashion photos? What is the setting of your characters? At this point, you have complete control. This is the point at which you can envision anything you want. Putting pen to paper and scribbling whatever comes to mind is the first step in creating an initial brief. It begins with a thought. When you’ve come up with a notion, strive to articulate how your theme can be used.

Some of the following characteristics of your shot might be worth describing:

location, mood, lighting, aesthetic, styling, hair, make-up any references to the theme or time period, if applicable –

Keep your description, which will be referred to as your brief from here on, as simple as possible, and convey as much as feasible in layperson’s words. While clarity of language is crucial, your brief should also be descriptive in order to properly express your idea to the people with whom you’ll be working.

A stylist directs the visual presentation of the product during a photoshoot. In the world of fashion, this entails pinning the garments to the model in the most flattering way possible for photography, as well as deciding what haircut, makeup, and accessories best complement the apparel.

A photoshoot stylist collaborates with a brand and a photographer to determine which accessories, clothing, backgrounds, and general mood are needed for a photoshoot to effectively represent a product. They provide extra props or accessories and assist in putting together the visual scenario for a shoot, such as determining what models to wear, items to utilize, and how to best position things for the camera. Stylists for photo shoots can style clothes for the fashion industry, arrange furniture for the home goods market, and even style food.

This is what a photoshoot stylist job is all about.


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